What is handicap in Betsson?


Whether you are a big fan of sports betting or if you are just starting out in this world, we are sure that you still have doubts about the different types of markets that exist. Below we explain the keys to understanding what the Handicap is and how it works in the Betsson bookmaker.

What is the handicap?

The handicap gives advantage goals to a team on the final result of the match. For example, if in a match between A vs B, we have team A with a handicap +1, that number will be added to the final result, that is, you win your bet if team A wins or draws.

Asian handicap, what is it?

Asian Handicap is a form of “help” for an underdog team that eliminates a draw from the available match results. In other words: there are only two betting possibilities available – Home win (1) or Away win (2). However, in the event of a tie after taking into account the applied handicap, the coupon is canceled and the stake is refunded (or DNB – draw no bet).

Types of Asian handicaps

There are several ways to add and subtract points/goals within HA. These handicaps differ from each other in some nuances. To make them easier to use, we have grouped the individual cases of HA and explain what they mean.

Handicap DNB (draw no bet)

In this Asian Handicap case, each team starts with zero support (0.0). And as it happens in football, the greater number of goals scored determines who wins the duel. In other words: it’s like betting with a prong (1X, X2). However, if the match ends in a draw, the stake is refunded.

Medium Asian Handicap

Medium Asian Handicap

The average Asian handicap that we find at Betsson is, along with the whole handicap, the best-known type of handicap. Said market is represented by adding or subtracting mean values.

-3.5, -2.5, -1.5, -0.5, +0.5, +1.5, +2.5, +3.5, etc.

These values are the closest to a tie and the handicaps can have very high values, depending on the sport. For example, in basketball the values are much higher than in soccer. Using these values, the average number in the Asian Handicap bet must be added or subtracted from the final score. It is important to understand that with the Asian Medium Handicap values, the bet will win or lose, but can never be a void or a push.

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